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Why our Members love us!


Our clients achieve life-changing results! Fat loss, muscle tone, better energy levels, increased bone density, lowered stress levels... Our primary focus is to ensure our members achieve the goals they have set for themselves. Nothing brings us more joy than knowing that we have positively impacted someone's life.  So follow the guidelines we give you and reap the benefits!

High-End Customer Service: 

Everyone says they have good customer service, but we stand behind our promises. We have real people replying to your emails - so you can reach your desires!

High Definition Fast Videos:

We want you to experience the best quality and fast speed videos in order for you to see modifications that you need to make in the workout. 

Best Personal Trainers and Instructors in the World: 

Our most important asset is our team of fitness trainers and instructors. We take our roles seriously and we don't feel successful until we receive success stories from our members. You are our number one priority! Our trainers are the best in the world, holding credentials from ACE, NSCA, and/or NASM, the most stringent nationally recognized fitness certifications. Many hold Bachelor's Degrees and some Master's Degrees in Exercise Science, as well as additional certifications in specialty areas.   You can be confident that you will get the best instruction! When it comes to your health, you deserve to work with the best!

Membership includes: 

  • Continuous New Workout videos
  • Customized Workout Plans
  • Weekly Blog: nutrition, cooking, fitness and more. . .
  • View workouts on Smart phone, PC, Google TV, Roku console or PC to TV. More options soon!
  • Support from our team
  • Online Store with fitness equipment and healthy meals.
  • Customized Profile Page including:  Before/After measurements and pictures, Goal Setting, BMR calculator, obstacles/solutions and more. . .

Creative and Fun Workouts: 

We understand that when beginning a program, exercise can seem like quite a chore. For this reason, our team creates new workouts weekly to keep you from getting bored and tired of same routines. When you're having fun and getting results, you're more likely to work out! We incorporate creative and innovative exercises and programs to keep workouts fun and interesting. With us, it's more than just a workout video - it's a lifestyle!